Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Jewelry Board

During class, to pass the (sometimes dreadful) time,  I browse various blogs and Pinterest. I've been looking for an inexpensive way to organize my jewelry. I have quite a bit of jewelry, and with my latest hobby of Stella & Dot...I've acquired even more jewelry.
Last week the "crafting bug" hit me, and I decided to create my own jewelry organizer. It's Pinterest inspired, but an Erica original.
I started by stapling cork board to the front of the canvas. Then I cut a piece of burlap big enough to fit around the frame and be stapled to the back.
(canvas, cork board, staple gun all bought at Hobby Lobby)

Here's the finished product of the canvas.
To hold the jewelry, I used an assortment of hooks and stick pins
(depending on how heavy the piece was)

Finished product on the wall

Up close version

Bangles on a smaller board

Hooks and stick pins together

This whole little project was inexpensive. It was around $20 with the cost of the frames, staple gun, cork board and burlap. I also googled coupons for Hobby Lobby and printed them out. The canvas was already on sale. I think 2 board (16X20) was like $5.00 or something.

The project took very little time, maybe and hour and a half total. The hardest part for me was the staple gun. It takes a lot of power to use the manual gun AND make sure the staple goes in perfectly flush to the frame. I couldn't grip anything the next day...