Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 weeks ago I took the first of four national board exams needed to receive a chiropractic license. It was a grueling 10 week prep leading up to the big performance of 6 exams, 110 questions each. Let me tell you, it was THE LONGEST WEEKEND EVER, because after those exams I had 8 finals I still had to take. Needless to say at the end of the week, my brain was so ready for vacation.

Now the time has come, and the results will be in...in 3 days. These 3 days will pass so slow due to the excitement/nerves/fear of the unknown that is about to be unveiled in 3 days. But until then, these 2 quotes have helped me keep boards and this quarter into perspective. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time Flies

As I'm sitting in business class I am write this little diddy to you all. This whole becoming a chiropractor thing is getting real, and it's kind of scary. So the wonderful business presentation we have this quarter is all about designing your office; and well, I'm a girl so this part of opening an office REALLY excites me. As a step to becoming more "girly" I have started to take up DIY projects, and well...thinking of house design options. As the checklist of to-do's continue to grow, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the items on our checklist that has been stressed this weekend is "What is YOUR Vision" and with a nice little google search, a few (ok...many) Pinterest pins here is the beginning stages of my vision.


Office Interior Doors

Front Desk (Maybe not the exact white and orange color....but I really enjoy the shape)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thoughtsy Thursday: Chiropractic Wellness

Andrew Brady is one of my good friends and classmate published this post about Synthetic v Organic Vitamins last night. I encourage you to read this post, and visit his blog. He blogs about various health and wellness concerns, and is a very good student---and will make a great Chiropractor!

Chiropractic Wellness: Why Your Vitamins Should Be Organic Whole Food Sup...:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

I've decided this quarter that I am going to try to become a better blogger! So to start my new goal, I've decided to do Wellness Wednesday! As a future chiropractor I've got to train myself to be an educator as well as a physician to my future patient...the best way to do that is practice how you want to perform!
Today's Wellness Wednesday is all about Vitamin D. I will admit I am a lover of the sun and will always have a pocket full of sunshine. We all need Vitamin D; vitamin D is a HORMONE that is made in our bodies, and has many benefits. So how do we get Vitamin D? We get Vitamin D from sunshine, and on cloudy days supplement with a whole vitamin form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D from the sun, is absorbed in our skin and is then carried to the liver and kidneys to start its magic....but how much is too much?
I admit, I DO NOT wear sunscreen (bad,bad me) and I am THAT person that loves laying out, catching rays and getting that beautiful bronze color. But maybe this article will shed some light on how to get ENOUGH vitamin D at SAFE levels AND still gain that beautiful summer tan!

Here's a brief synopsis of the article:

Safe sun exposure is essential for optimal health, but incorrect exposure can raise your risk of skin cancer while not providing any health benefits. Sunburn should be avoided at all cost. Detailed guidelines are provided for safely increasing your vitamin D stores through proper sun exposure are included
While sunlight is composed of about 1,500 wavelengths, UVB is the only wavelength that will produce vitamin D when hitting unexposed skin. UVA’s increase your risk of skin cancer and causes photoaging of your skin. Therefore, it’s important to determine the ideal times of year for safe and effective sun exposure, and avoid exposure during times that UVB rays are not present. Instructions are included
Vitamin D3 is an oil soluble steroid hormone that forms when your skin is exposed to UVB radiation from the sun (or a safe tanning bed). When UVB strikes the surface of your skin, your skin converts a cholesterol derivative into vitamin D3. It takes up to 48 hours for this vitamin D3 to be absorbed into your bloodstream to elevate your vitamin D levels. Therefore, it’s important to avoid washing your skin with soap after sun exposure
In case you do develop a sun burn, immediately apply raw aloe vera. It’s one of the best remedies to help accelerate skin healing

I encourage you to visit www.mercola.com
It is a FANTASTIC website for all health and wellness questions; there are many articles that address various health and wellness concerns also!