Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer Line Fav's

The Summer Line launched TODAY!!
I wish I could personally tell you my fav's, but I accidentally shipped it to my old address...and I'm waiting to hear if it came in yet.

But so are my fav's:
Pouf- Elephant


Shine Bracelet
Part of the Autism Awareness Collection

Juniper Statement Necklace

Wanderlust Triple Wrap
Comes in many colors 

The Classic

Check out the entire collection at

P.S: Book your Summer Line debut trunk show today and earn free jewelry! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wear Blue Day

Today is wear blue day in support of Autism Awareness during the entire month of April.
Autism (as well as other "spectrum" disorders) has a special place in my heart.
No, I'm not Autistic. No one in my family has autism.

1 in 88 kids are Autistic today, and with Autism comes other related disorders such as ADHD, ADD, etc...

My brother has ADHD. He is the funniest person I know, is the most accepting non-judgemental person I have ever met, yet has a heart of gold. But he has struggled. Struggled since second grade when he was labeled as ADHD. That label followed him all the way through school. The power of the label of ADHD consumed him through school. Very few of his teachers expected him to succeed in the  classroom because he was "ADHD." Therefore he thought he was dumb, inferior, stupid. In reality he's so smart, but never realized it because of his label.

You may ask.."What does ADHD and Autism have to do with each other?"
The point of the story is the fact that spectrum disorder kids are labelled from the time that they are diagnosed to the rest of their lives. They are looked at differently, treated differently, and talked to differently. When in reality, they are just ordinary kids with special talents.

Randi at Our Modern Day Fairytale has a son named Shaun who is Autistic. She blogs about day to day life, as well as the struggles and milestones that Shaun has. She wrote such a beautiful post about being a mom with an Autistic son- so go check it out~

Also...she is doing a Stella & Dot giveaway (sponsored by me!) for the Support Autism Awareness month. The giveaway is for the Shine Bracelet--it's a really awesome bracelet! Head on over to Stella & Dot to check out the entire Support Autism Awareness collection!
20% of the proceeds from each of these items bought will go to the HollyRod Foundation

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stella & Dot Summer Sneek Peek!

Hey Everyone!
Here I am updating in my little corner of the internet.
Super quick post today as I am unpacking, getting ready for school, and learning how to live without TV.

I am a Stella & Dot "stylist" on top of many other things I do. I do Stella & Dot mostly for fun and because they really do have awesome jewelry. I also do in home or online trunk shows--so if you're interested in being a hostess, earning free jewelry..let's chat!

The summer line is launching in a few NOW is the perfect time to host a show!

These babies will be give fo FREE (1 pair- aqua or coral)  to the first 3 people that book a show!
Book your show today...send me an email!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to create style?'s been 1 million years since I've blogged. Oops. Sorry to whoever reads this little slice of heaven.

Here's a low down on what's happened since the last time I blogged:
The boy is just being a rockstar Parts Manager for MHC Kenworth in Savannah. I'm still going to Chiropractic school. No, I haven't graduated. Yes, I am close to graduating- I'll be done in December. Currently we're trying to decide where to move, once I walk across the stage with the most expensive piece of paper EVER. By the time it's said and done, over $200,000 will be spent on just Chiropractic school. Awesome! Rant-done!

On to my newest question- How do I create a style for myself?
Silly question, I know. But the other day I went to a private small concert with my friend Rachael and her husband. We went and listened to Rachael's brother-in-law play at a bar in Atlanta. Which was a total event for me, because I live a fairly uneventful life. But, her and I started talking about all the trendy people that were there. Then the question came up "how do I create a style for me?"
She's a Chiropractor and I'm in school to be a Chiropractor. We both are 5'10"ish and are not coordinated (nor have the desire) to walk in heels all day long. We each have child bearing hips a solid foundation. We don't like having our lady parts out and about, and we don't want to be restricted. Yes, we come with a WHOLE lot of problems.
But seriously, how do I create a versatile style for myself? Help me out.